04 Sep 2015

Minimise heat loss and maximise savings with new 50L Buffer Tank from Panasonic

Panasonic’s brand new 50L buffer tank is now available and is ideal as a volume extension vessel or low-loss header tank, maximising the effectiveness of Aquarea heat pump applications in properties large or small.

Buffer tanks are used with air source heat pumps to increase volume, provide storage and to prevent short cycling of the heat pump, and therefore deliver a more efficient system to the user. This new addition to the Aquarea range is cost and energy-efficient, and requires little to no maintenance once installed within a property. With Automated Air Vent (AAV) capabilities, the new Aquarea 50L buffer tank will maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of current heating applications.

The unit lends itself for a quick and easy install. With two plugs, PU isolation and an aesthetically pleasing white cover, this small tank is wall mounted and therefore perfect for properties were space is tight.

“We recommend the use of our new 50L tank to ensure heat exchange protection or temperature control logic is implemented. A 30-50L tank is usually recommended to ensure the system volume is sufficient” says Marc Diaz, Country Manager for Panasonic Heating and Cooling.

Offering capacities from 3kW all the way through to 16kW, the Aquarea Heat Pump Range is the widest on the market, ensuring a system is available, whatever your heating and cooling needs. Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, the systems are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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