02 Sep 2015

As the great Henry Ford once said: “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.” Whether or not he actually said this is moot, but what it does illustrate is that constant improvements in technology and efficiency, although very welcome, are not always the best answer to your task.

Through the years, as heating systems have improved in efficiency, many people have only experienced small savings in fuel consumption and bills. These small steps do add up, but to have an effect in real, measureable terms it might be useful to use timescales that paleontologists are used to; sometimes it may be worthwhile to start anew.

Here at Begetube, we are passionate about solar thermal systems, and when you stop and think about why, it will become very obvious. The many benefits of solar thermal systems include: tiny running costs; zero carbon output; three times as much efficiency as solar PV and household savings of up to 85% off heating and DHW energy bills. Taking all of this into account, we are pretty much flummoxed by the lack of interest in solar thermal.

There are many instances where builders put a panel or two on the roof – which is great – however, when you consider that a typical new build can supply heating and hot water for as little as £160 per year, we encourage homeowners to fully investigate which systems will provide the biggest savings.

The property that supplies heating and hot water for just £160 a year is a property based in the North of Scotland. The system cost the homeowners less than £7k – including VAT – which included panels, fixings, controls, solar fluid and thermal store. The only bill to pay is the supplementary kick in of a backup boiler, which might be needed during prolonged cold spells.

Another benefit of installing solar thermal technology is that it’s carbon free. We are constantly reminded of issues surrounding CO2 emissions and global warming, which should act as a catalyst, encouraging us to make changes where we are able. After all, if there is a massive solar overspill we simply call it a nice day.

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