10 Jul 2014

Underfloor heating brings the best from ground source heat pump

A beautifully refurbished but traditionally structured farmhouse has had its space heating requirements and comfort levels brought up to date through the use of two very contemporary technologies.

The private residence, which dates from the 18th century, features brick and stone elevations around an original timber frame, where the spacious living accommodation and six bedrooms are heated using a ground source heat pump installed by ISO Energy. The output of this renewable heat source – offering a coefficient of performance close to 4 – has been made even more effective through the installation of a low water temperature underfloor heating system, part of the Hydronik range manufactured by Timoleon Limited.

Typically, both air and ground source heat pumps generate low temperature flows which are best used for space heating on a continuous rather than an intermittent basis, and underfloor heating systems are an ideal means of delivering this.

In the case of the six bed farmhouse, the timber floors beneath the master bedroom suite were being replaced due to the joists having been repeatedly notched and drilled for the routing of other building services: leading to undue movement and squeaky floorboards.

In tandem with the process of replacing the joists, the Hydronik ToronFloor system was an ideal solution as the insulation was fitted between the joists. This consists of engineered 22mm thick particleboard panels featuring pre-routed channels to accept the flexible and highly conductive PE pipe. Three separate 12mm pipe circuits – two for the bedroom and another in the bathroom - each one some 60 metres in length, were laid and connected to one of Timoleon’s smaller Axios manifold options that was neatly concealed within timber casings in the bathroom.

Meanwhile oak boarding was fixed down over the ToronFloor boards as the finished surface in both rooms.

A spokesperson for ISO Energy, which led the project, commented: “This was a good example of two energy companies who both specialise in saving energy and providing affordable warmth, coming together to provide an optimum space heating solution for an old property. The farmhouse has sufficient gardens attached to it to take shallow ground arrays rather than a deep borehole, and the heat harvested at around 10 degrees centigrade is then enhanced through the refrigerant cycle of a Viessmann 300G 28.8KW heat pump which generates around four kW of energy for every one kW of electricity consumed.

“The Hydronik ToronFloor underfloor heating system installed in the master bedroom suite was ideal in this refurbishment situation and will continue to deliver comfortable heating levels while leaving the walls free of radiators. Correctly specified, ground source heat pumps can provide even large properties lacking the latest standards of fabric insulation with ample domestic hot water as well as comfortable living conditions.”

The two rooms where the ToronFloor System was installed measured 5.0 x 3.9 metres and 3.9 x 2.9 metres. Other Hydronik systems are available for installation between timber joists or over solid floors.

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