04 Nov 2014

As self-builders will know, there are rules and regulations to follow and consents to obtain when embarking on a project. What you might not know is that for plumbing systems, both installer and homeowner have a legal duty to comply with Water Supply Regulations.

These regulations cover the installation, use and maintenance of plumbing systems and appliances using a public water supply. Its purpose is to prevent mains water contamination and promote efficient use of water supplies to keep drinking water safe.

Failure to comply can be disastrous. Recent examples include blue toilet cleaner fluid coming out of the kitchen tap due to faulty WC inlet valve and a developer having to replace incorrect taps throughout a block of flats – at his own cost!

One way to keep yourself out of hot water is to use a WaterSafe Approved plumbing business.

WaterSafe installers give notification to the local water company of proposed works – where required – and issue customers with a Work Completed certificate which is a defence against prosecution if challenged by the water suppliers enforcing the regulations. A WaterSafe Approved plumber is also more likely to use WRAS Approved products which, if installed correctly, will meet the requirements of the regulations and can prevent the costly replacement of water fittings, appliances and in some cases, entire plumbing systems.

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