10 Jul 2014

Blue Haze – an 80 year old bungalow in Somerset – has been fitted with a NIBE ground source heat pump in a bid to enhance energy efficiency, deliver savings on fuel and provide a comfortable, reliable heating and hot water source for the property.

The installation at the 2,300ft² bungalow was part of a major restoration project that saw owners Shaun & Judith Davey completely gut the property and start afresh. Not only did the couple want to transform Blue Haze into their dream home, but a key aim was to make it as energy efficient and economical as possible. To achieve this they installed a 11kW NIBE F1145 ground source heat pump, which allows them to harness renewable energy from their own back garden to effectively meet the high heating and hot water needs of the four-bed, four-bathroom property.

“Before the project had even begun I had done enough research to know that I wanted a NIBE heat pump,” said Shaun. “Not only are they renowned for their quality and reliability, but with 1.25 acres of land, it made perfect sense for us to make the most of our natural surroundings. However, before we could install a renewable heating system, we had to make sure the property was suitably well-insulated – otherwise it would have been counter-productive.

“We originally fell in love with the property because of its picturesque views, but its location does leave it exposed to the elements - and being an old, draughty property, this meant a great deal of heat (and therefore money) was being lost through poor insulation. Therefore, we placed huge emphasis on making it as airtight as possible, replacing all doors and windows and adding extensive insulation to floors and walls. Only then could we look forward to replacing our inefficient electric storage heaters with a highly efficient renewable heating system.”

Renewable heating specialists and NIBE VIP Installers RES (Devon) Ltd specified and installed the F1145 ground source system at Blue Haze. Comments Director David Jeffrey: “It’s important to insulate before you generate, which is exactly what the Daveys did at Blue Haze. In fact, it was because their heat loss was so low, that we specified the 11kW F1145 system – which is single phase, yet more than sufficient to meet their heating needs all-year-round. We opted for a surface soil collector, which is discreetly buried one metre underground and runs up the slope in their back garden. The consistent energy it draws from the earth is then used to heat the underfloor heating, and a high volume NIBE VPB 300 litre cylinder, which effectively services the property’s hot water needs.”

The MCS-accredited F1145 system can operate using ground, rock or lake as a heat source and works particularly well with low temperature heat distribution systems, such as underfloor heating. Designed for larger properties with higher heating needs, it comes in an output range of 5kW-17kW and features speed-controlled circulation pumps for optimum efficiency – performing at an industry-leading COP of up to 4.98 (at 0/35°C).

Adds Shaun: “Our NIBE heat pump is keeping the house at a lovely, constant temperature and we’ve not even used two thirds of its capacity yet – so we couldn’t be happier. Not only have we ended up with an effective, easy-to-use, reliable system – it is economical to run and has allowed us to create a more sustainable living space. What’s more, as well as qualifying for £2,300 of RHPP vouchers towards the cost of the system, we’ll also be eligible for ongoing payments through the domestic RHI scheme, which we look forward to! In fact, we’re so happy with our heat pump, we’re even considering greening up our electricity supply with solar PV panels in the near future.”

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