17 Oct 2013

No need to pay a premium for energy saving radiators

Installers and home owners could get better efficiency benefits from one of Quinn’s panel radiators, rather than paying a premium for energy saving models, according to the company’s managing director Nick Whitwell.

Quinn Radiators’ rebranded Hi-Lo Round Top and Compact models emit up to 25% more heat than other like for like panel radiators but can also deliver greater efficiency benefits than more expensive radiators that are branded as energy saving.

Nick Whitwell, managing director of Quinn Radiators, explains: “Our panel radiators heat up a room more quickly and bring the thermostat to the required temperature more rapidly because we have developed technology which improves both the convection and radiant heat. This means they are actually more efficient than other energy saving radiators, which focus on radiant heat alone. Both are needed but it is convection heat that accounts for 75 to 80% of radiator heat and delivers the most warmth to the room, reducing heating bills because it is the overall room temperature that the thermostat is measuring."

Quinn radiators feature smaller water channels and more convection fins, enabling them to heat rooms quickly and keep them at reliably constant levels. The faster that radiators heat up, the quicker the hot air can begin to circulate, generating convection heat. To further speed up circulation, the convection fins are all welded directly onto the water channels, rather than between them, ensuring a more direct heat transfer between the water channel and the fin, which improves heat conduction, output and speed of response.

The radiators also match the radiant heat levels of energy saving models. In fact, research shows that after five minutes, the surface temperature of Quinn Radiators is up to 10 degrees higher than other like for like models. The radiators also have a unique design with a 25mm water channel. This means that, on average, Quinn Radiators use up to 31% less water than comparable radiators, requiring less energy to heat.

Nick Whitwell continues: “People are increasingly realising that radiators have an important role to play in the efficiency of a heating system and the reduction of energy bills but we don’t want installers and home owners to think they have to buy expensive energy saving products. Better energy saving effects can be achieved by installing an efficient and effective panel radiator like ours, as long as it is the right type and size for the room. Our panel radiators offer higher efficiency and can lower fuel bills. This is because they operate with less water and an increased surface area, using convection and radiant technology to deliver better heat output than comparable radiators but with a lower temperature setting and therefore reduced boiler energy use.”

All of Quinn’s panel radiators are manufactured at the company’s £130 million facility in Newport, Wales. As the only panel radiator company to not only manufacture all its products in the UK but also to source 100% of the steel from Britain as well, customers benefit from consistent quality, guaranteed supply with just a day’s notice, reduced environmental impacts and transport costs, ten year guarantees and local after-sales technical support.

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