Tony Dark, Director of Trading for The IPG, outlines the benefits of visiting one of The IPG plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists when planning your next DIY project.
Published in Heating & Plumbing
Water softeners are becoming increasingly popular as more people understand the benefits of them in hard water areas. From a cleaner home to descaled pipes and appliances that result in cheaper bills, it’s no surprise…
Published in Kitchens & Bathrooms
Barbara Osborne, Product Manager at Methven UK, looks at the creation of useable bathrooms for the ageing population and what this means for installers.
Published in Project Inspiration
People these days who come across a lead pipe are probably in the Conservatory with Colonel Mustard, playing ‘Cluedo’. However, if you find lead in a plumbing system it’s nothing to joke about.
Published in Project Inspiration
Condensation in the home is not just a nuisance; it can lead to significant structural problems, costly redecoration and can even affect the health of the occupants if left to develop into mould.
Published in Project Inspiration
Installers and home owners could get better efficiency benefits from one of Quinn’s panel radiators, rather than paying a premium for energy saving models, according to the company’s managing director Nick Whitwell. Quinn Radiators’ rebranded…
Published in Heating & Plumbing
The “Equi-Flow” automatic shower flow limiter from Arrow Valves Ltd is especially designed to be fitted to a standard shower hose or fixed head, saving water and energy. The “Equi-Flow” is especially effective on multiple…
Published in Heating & Plumbing

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