06 Feb 2015

Natural beauty and functionality

Create a beautiful kitchen that works perfectly at the same time as being an entertaining space to be proud of.

The kitchen in today’s modern home is more than just a room where we cook and eat. For many it is the hub of the house where we socialise with friends, entertain, or watch TV. So, when designing a room that has so many functions it is important to choose furnishings and products that are aesthetically pleasing at the same time as being practical.

Natural stone flooring and in particular honed limestone makes a fantastic choice for kitchen spaces. One of the most beautiful features of limestone is the subtle shells that speckle the surface making this a practical and hardwearing option for both walls and floors, which will complement any of today’s modern designs and colour schemes.

If you are looking to lighten a room or create a feeling of space then Moleanos Classic Beige limestone is a stunning floor choice and using a honed limestone gives you a perfectly flat and smooth floor that accentuates the clean straight lines of your kitchen as well as having a perfectly matt finish.

Available in a variety of size formats from 400x400mm up to 900x600 with 10mm and 15mm thicknesses, this stone is a great contemporary material for those looking to create a stylish living and entertaining environment within their property.

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