02 Jan 2015

A revolution in acoustic flooring

James Hardie is launching the first ever fibre cement acoustic structural flooring product into the UK construction products market. The building materials manufacturer is adding the new solution to its interior products range with the launch of HardieFloor acoustic solutions, part of the company’s smart flooring range; a range of products that solve many common structural floor related issues.

HardieFloor dB, the central product in the acoustics range, offers house builders and architects all of the benefits of HardieFloor structural flooring, but with optimum acoustic performance against both impact and airborne noise. For the first time specifiers now have a board that offers much more than a solution to an acoustic problem.

Using SmartFloor Technology, HardieFloor dB combines the structural HardieFloor board with robust integrated acoustic matting to offer optimum noise resistance. These 27mm slim-line tongue and groove boards provide an effective combination of airborne and impact noise reduction without compromising on space or reducing ceiling height.

Part E of Building Regulations states that new builds need to meet the following requirements with regards to noise: 62db for impact noise (lower the better) and 45db for airborne noise (higher the better). For conversions the requirements are 64db for impact noise and 43db for airborne noise. For new build projects HardieFloor dB reduces impact noise by a further 8db to only 54db and airborne noise by an additional 10db to an outstanding 55db far surpassing current regulations.

Added benefits

Also available is the HardieQStrip batten accessory that can be added direct to the joists prior to the installation of either the original HardieFloor board or a HardieFloor dB board. Using the HardieQStrip the original boards can be turned into acoustic boards that achieve a 56db noise level for both airborne and impact noise. With the batten HardieFloor dB can be enhanced to achieve an impact noise level of 49db and an airborne level of 55db.

Launched late 2013, the HardieFloor substrate offers specifiers many benefits such as being quick and easy to install and weather resistant, allowing for up to 90 days of adverse weather exposure throughout the build; negating the problem of creaking floorboards and cracked tiles.

Additional benefits include the facility to apply tiles directly to the boards and build structural walls off them. For those wishing to use concrete for structural floors but are faced with a restricted site, HardieFloor structural floor offers a viable alternative, whilst providing many of the benefits of concrete it is much more flexible on site.

Damon McEwan, R&D Manager at James Hardie says: “We are very excited to bring this revolutionary product to the market, there is currently nothing like it available, making it a totally unique breakthrough innovation. There are many acoustic boards but there are none that offer all of the additional benefits of HardieFloor dB; which is why we feel it will become a core product in our smart flooring range.”

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