04 Aug 2016

Ecohaus launch SOREG-Glide Frameless Large Scale Glazing

Ecohaus has secured the Sole UK Distribution rights for the incredible SOREG-Glide Frameless large scale glazing system. After 12 months Due Diligence, Burckhardt the SOREG-Glide manufacturer based in Hannover in Germany have entrusted their brand reputation with Ecohaus.

Ecohaus are Internorm’s No1 UK Partner with annual sales exceeding £7 Million. However the limitations of the Internorm Timber Aluminium Composite Lift & Slide system means as a business we have had to walk away from those amazing all glass contemporary individual private residential builds.

SOREG-Glide now positions us to take significant market share in this Premium Brand high value sector.

So why did we choose SOREG-Glide? Until now three manufacturers dominate this market sector with slim framed all aluminium thermally broken systems. They have been the “go to” systems despite the commonly acknowledged technical and installation issues these manufacturers are blighted with. Issues such as acute condensation, inadequate rail drainage and ridiculously difficult doors to physically move.

SOREG-Glide not only overcomes our competitor’s weaknesses but it brings a host of unique technical and user benefits that are simply staggering.


SOREG-Glide is uniquely FRAMELESS, the frame is completely embedded into the build fabric resulting in a 99.2% Glass to Frame ratio. Individual sliding door sizes up to 3m x 4m and fixed elements 4m x 5m, SOREG-Glide certainly delivers WOW in abundance.

Thermal Performance

SOREG-Glides unique GSK extruded frame has a uF0.90 and coupled with 52mm triple glazing we achieve a whole system uW0.6 which is simply staggering. SOREG-Glide at uW0.6 easily meets the exacting PassivHaus build standard of uW0.80.

Ease of Use

A huge criticism of our direct competitors products is that large sliding doors are difficult to move in double glazing and near impossible in triple glazing. SOREG-Glide has 32mm diameter stainless steel double track and rolling cassettes that make the system unbelievably easy to move, even as triple glazed units. Sliding doors up to 500Kg in total weight can be operated manually. With weights above 500Kg we have unique “Manual Assist” which is a piston that reduces the initial KG Force to start a door moving by approximately 40%. The option of full electric motor assist is recommended for doors weighing 650-1000Kg.

Resistance to Wind & Salt Spray Environments

SOREG-Glide is the only large scale glazing system that is rated to 2000 Pascal’s, Class C5 EN13115 which in layman’s terms resists winds up to 200kph. This makes SOREG-Glide perfect for those wind strewn coastal locations. Uniquely all of the SOREG-Glide hardware is stainless steel, which makes it perfect for aggressive Salt Spray environments.

Unique Additional Features

• “Rail Filler” profile draws out from a fixed panel to create 100% level threshold
• Integrated Juliet Balcony
• Integrated window and opening doors
• Integrated fly screens
• Unique Stainless Steel base plates
• SOREG-Fix allows for curtain wall solutions

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