30 Oct 2013

Ultra slim profiles feature on new, sleek Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding system

A stylish, new sliding door range, from Reynaers Aluminium, Hi-Finity is a sustainable, ultra-slim profile system that makes its debut at Ecobuild.

Allowing uninterrupted panoramas thanks to its elegant, ultra-slim profiles, Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors combine ease of use with optimum performance.

Innovative in style and design and with industry-leading profiles that hardly impact on the exterior view, Hi-Finity allows, more than ever, the internals of a building to merge seamlessly with the outdoors. This not only gives a light and airy feel to any living space, but also increases the feeling of spaciousness.

Providing extra strength and durability, the glazed units can accommodate large glass panels of up to 500 kg. Although the large glazed areas already offer good thermal efficiency, Hi-Finity is also available in double and triple glazed versions to provide increased levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, further enhanced by the air tightness of the system. Special Teflon covered gaskets create a firm barrier against air ingress and the sections between each glass panel are fitted with Reynaers patented adjustable profiles that guarantee a perfect fit for complete air tightness.

The Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding door system offers different opening options including, duo rail, 3-rail and central closing for up to six moveable glass panels per application. Ease of operation is enhanced by specially designed integral wheels and Teflon covered gaskets to provide fluidity of movement, making even large openings easy to operate manually.

However, for effortless operation and increased convenience an automated version is available that opens the doors at the push of a button.

In addition to its layered glass, Reynaers Hi-Finity offers a strong anti-burglar system. The locking mechanism is discreetly located making it virtually tamperproof.

Complementing the system¹s modern design the doors feature Reynaers new, designer architectural handles that incorporate efficient operation with stylish design and tactile finish.

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