06 Apr 2016

British Manufacturing at Express Bi-folding Doors

There are many things about Express that we are proud of as a team. We’re family owned and managed, we travel far and wide to stay bang up to date with market trends, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, and we are manufacture in the heart of our flagship county - Yorkshire.

We began manufacturing in 2007 having spotted a gap in the market, and it was a no-brainer for us to do our manufacturing in-house so we could take full responsibility for the quality of every product. Not only are we proud to champion British manufacturing, but we’re also pleased about what this means for our customers across the country.

Being able to offer aspirational products at realistic prices has helped make formerly unrealistic homes a viable prospect, and shorter lead times means that the products are a realistic option for even the smaller, quicker projects. We’ve noticed a real rise in people turning to our glazing products as a way of maximising existing space, rather than moving house which comes with significant cost implications. There are no hidden importation or foreign storage costs associated with products manufactured abroad, and customers enjoy quality British products for their project.

We firmly believe we have the most impressive production facility in the UK, expertly designed with a seamless flow throughout and boasting the most advanced CNC machinery available. Our quality machinery and highly trained engineers enable us to produce a high volume of premium quality, bespoke products – on average 600 every single week.

Last year we announced our biggest news-to-date – that we would be opening a massive new showroom – one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. With a combination of entire houses as well as simple room sets, we’re looking forward to opening the doors to new and existing customers in July 2016. We already hold a huge £800,000 of aluminium in stock at any one time, but the new space will allow us to stocking even more products, as well as increase custom options. The head office and manufacturing facilities are already fully functioning here, so it’s just the ‘finishing touches’ to go!

To keep up-to-date with the latest on the launch, visit the dedicated page here and follow us on Twitter.

www.expressbifolds.co.uk      0800 121 4809

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