11 Mar 2016

Looking for quality when choosing residential systems

However crowded the marketplace, real quality will always stand out according to Schueco UK who have increased the range of their Contemporary Living Collection of aluminium windows, doors and façades.

Designed especially for the residential market, these products are examples of the quality engineering for which Schueco is renowned.

Quality is particularly important with residential products such as sliding doors where inferior systems rapidly display their weaknesses.

Fortunately, this is not a likely scenario with any Schueco door since the system will have been fully tested and the fabricator fully trained. This applies to both sliding doors and to the entrance doors which also feature heavily in the Contemporary Living Collection.

Specifying Schueco therefore means peace of mind for both the end-user and the architect or home-improvement specialist.

As it happens, the Collection’s range of maintenance-free, double-glazed sliding doors is comprehensive enough to provide a cost-effective solution for almost any specification.

As well as straightforward sliding ‘patio’ doors, the choice includes folding/sliding doors, folding/tilting doors, lift-and-slide doors and panoramic doors.

For home-owners looking to enjoy views with minimal visual interference from mullions, a sliding door such as Schueco’s ASS 70.HI door system may well be the best option. Available in single, double or triple track configurations, these 70 mm deep doors look superb and glide effortlessly on stainless steel tracks. The lift-slide action is facilitated by stylish ergonomic handles.

Alternatively, a key feature of Schueco’s panoramic range is the minimal profile face widths of the central meeting stiles (30 mm) and the fact that the outer frame is completely concealed in the building structure on all four sides. This not only makes the doors appear supremely elegant, but also maximises the area of clear glass, thus allowing the maximum amount of light transparency. Able to accommodate very wide openings with two, three or four leaves each up to 3.2 metres wide and 3.5 metres high, these premium doors are ideal for high-end residential homes.

The windows in the Contemporary Living Collection are equally stylish and deliver impressive ‘U’ values. The many types available include inward- and outward-opening, side-hung, top-hung, tilt-turn and fixed light. All open and close smoothly and have tight, draught-proof weather seals.

Other products in the range include stylish façades that are perfectly suited for more major projects and for home extensions. Designed with minimal sightlines for maximum transparency, a Schueco façade is an elegantly engineered feature whose thermal performance can even reach Passive House standard if required.

Similarly, the conservatories in the Collection are so well insulated that they can be used not just as a sunny place in which to have breakfast or lunch in summer, but as a permanent extra space for entertaining or relaxing all year round. As such, they are an investment that can add real re-sale value to any home.

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