29 Apr 2014

Fakro triple-glazed white roof windows provide peak performance

FAKRO FTU-V triple-glazed, white polyurethane-coated pine roof windows have been used in a self-build to be featured in the next series of Channel 4’s ‘Building the Dream’. Steve and Christine Elliott used the windows as a prominent feature of the living room and kitchen as well as on the landing and in the bathroom.

Windows were set 3cm lower than the standard fitting through use of FAKRO ELJ flashings in order to maintain the integrity of the natural slate roof line. The FTU-V is one of the most thermally efficient currently available with an installed U-value of 0.97W/m2K and glazing unit U-value of 0.5W/m2K. This is achieved by a combination of flexible thermoplastic elastomer seals which retain their elasticity for many years and warm spacers between panes which prevents thermal bridging.

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