Richard Green, Managing Director of Deluxe Developers, has used his extensive knowledge of sustainable technologies to build his own truly energy-efficient family home.

When Phil Newbold and his wife, Joy, decided to embark on building their own low-energy house in County Durham, obtaining planning consent in a Conservation Area and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty proved to be the biggest hurdle.

A local presentation in their hometown inspired Mr and Mrs Young to commission a two-bedroom single-storey bungalow built to Passivhaus standards.

04 Jun 2015
When a London couple were searching for a house in the country, they found the ideal plot, the only problem was the dated brick cottage that stood within it.

A Gloucestershire extension project has incorporated the refurbishment of a derelict gasworks, transforming it into a sensational contemporary annex for the nineteenth century home.

29 Jan 2015
Jane and Ian McClintock have built a modern home for retirement on the land of their family heirloom farmhouse.

23 Dec 2014
Maes Yr Onn Farm, Manmoel, sits high above the Gwent valleys as Wales’ first fully off-grid and truly self-sufficient farm.

16 Oct 2014
When architects Adam and Annelise Penton visited a plot for their development company they were so blown away by its natural perfection that it led them on an unexpected self-build journey.

In separate quests in find the perfect plot, two couples – both first-time self-builders – became great friends, consequently hiring the same architect to design highly eco-efficient homes right next door to one another.

12 Jun 2014
Honeycomb is an efficient hexagonal structure built by bees in which to live and work. This fascinating natural process was the inspiration behind Barry Jackson’s new modular living system, Hivehaus.

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