01 Feb 2016

Mira Showers reveals eight hot bathroom trends


Forward thinking company Mira Showers recently brought together a panel of experts to reveal eight must-have bathroom trends to look out for this year.


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In its most recent Moment Masters discussion, Mira brought together a panel of experts including its own Industrial Design Director Simon Browning, Sally Nettleton and Sarah Shepherd from TrendPulse, Digital Expert Will Brocklebank, Interior Designer Richard Randall and Heloisa Righetto from WGSN to discuss the prominent themes and trends that will be found in homes this year.

From this discussion eight new bathroom trends have emerged for your home. From finishes to colour palettes and technology, you can expect a vast development in the bathroom design industry.

The first trend covered at Mira’s Moment Masters discussion was the use of the blurring of boundaries in the home. In 2016 the home will no longer be formed of self-contained rooms. Instead, the house will be percieved as a whole, with light and space being created by bringing the outside in and generating a sense of flow between the rooms.

Over the years the bathroom has become a place where we want to spend time, rather than it being a necessity in the home. This movement will bring an increased emphasis on finishes within the room, with taps and tiles becoming the focal points of the space.

Throughout the last year, consumers’ desire for products has been driven by the reinventing craft, with young designers using traditional techniques to manipulate modern materials. Taking inspiration from spas, Mira and the team from its Moment Masters discussion expect consumers to bring this form of craft to their own homes, using foliage to generate that sense of calm and serenity that is visually present in luxurious spas.

Technology and texture

Texture and natural finishes will take a front seat in 2016’s bathroom trends. The bathroom is predicted to contrast the clinical minimalism found in the kitchen, with the use of wood and texture to recreate the look and finish of various materials. It will no longer be a scary place for delicate items, as material developments allow us to have products in the bathroom that would not have been existent in bathroom decor in previous years.

This year expect a grey colour palette to overtake the traditional taupe palette that is often found in traditional bathroom schemes. The use of warm finishes, including gold, copper and brass, that were present last year in other common areas of the household – such as the kitchen – will contrast against pastel colours. Neutral bases will also be prevalent in the coming year. Brass metal will be the primary choice as a finish and will be complemented with the use of soft pastel colours and pinks, alongside concrete finishes.

The inclusion of products and features that enable us to adjust the mood of our home will allow us to maximise the space we have. Small portable accessories in the bathroom will be imperative in creating these adaptable spaces. Whether it be the lighting, temperature or water pressure, we like to be in control of our property, and these features will enable us to personalise our home.

The ‘Connected Home’ will feature heavily in 2016, with the constant access to information enabling us to make changes to the home without actually being present. From eco and cost saving, to general ambience and lifestyle choices, these technological developments are changing the way we live. The balance between futuristic technology and products which are accessible to everyone will be extremely important. The Mira Vision Dual enables the user to set the water temperature without being in the bathroom, while interactive apps will allow us to feed our pets whilst in the office.

Personal preference

Our homes will no longer be for show; design narrative will be used to demonstrate individual personalities. This increased confidence with design means that choices will be made on personal preferences. Global influence has allowed inspiration to be taken from around the world, with trends becoming functional and able to fit into everyday lifestyles rather than simply for design purposes.

This year retailers such as John Lewis will lead the surge in inspiring and assisting us in the personalisation of the home. The explanation of products that are available and how their technology can help improve specific rooms will become an increasingly popular service.

The development of bespoke items means that technology needs to be beautiful and practical at the same time. The story behind the creation of the product will be fundamental in the decision of whether or not it will be purchased.

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