17 Oct 2014

Windows: Light at the end of the tunnel


While modern, urban living has restricted the space available for development, there are options that can help transform a design and property of any size to incorporate natural light.


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Natural light is essential to the quality of our lives and living environments. Daylight can have a hugely positive effect on both our physical health and mental wellbeing and is something that should always be considered at the early stages of design.

Many homes and buildings have bathrooms, hallways and cupboards with no access to natural light, leaving the area feeling dark, damp, unwelcoming and ultimately unused. Although it’s difficult to ensure every single area of a house is exposed to natural daylight, the introduction of sun tunnels into a home can make an effective, affordable solution to bring natural light into dark and dim spaces.

Sun tunnels are designed to capture the rays of light on the roof and transport it through a highly reflective tube into the dull, windowless room below. They can also be a great energy saver, removing the need for lights to be switched on during the day by introducing natural light into even the most cramped and isolated spaces.

Owing to flat frames with clear and robust glass, a sun tunnel’s sleek design fits seamlessly with most decors. It also has the added benefit of fitting into spaces that regular roof windows do not – perfect for smaller rooms and areas, such as cupboards, hallways and bathrooms,letting in four times as much light as a standard light bulb and bringing natural light into even the most isolated spaces, sun tunnels ensure that these small and cramped spaces no longer have to be closed off from the rest of the home. They can gain an increase in daylight and leave homes with a real sense of space and a brighter environment.

Paul Hicks, Sustainability and Design Manager from window expert VELUX, says: “Daylight is an absolutely vital component in any building or design project no matter how small or how big it is. Sunlight can have a transformative effect on day to day living and working environments, often meaning every inch of space can be utilised to its full potential.

“Sun tunnels are a useful product for any installer. They have the ability to open up even the smallest of spaces to natural light and their flexibility and sleek design means they can be easily incorporated into any project.”

With many different varieties, installation lengths and materials available for both flat and pitched roofs, sun tunnels can be adapted to suit any style or type of building.

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