27 Jul 2016

Top tips for installing a water feature


So you’ve decided to build a water feature? It’s no small undertaking, but do it right and you can have your very own oasis of tranquility in your garden. There are many things to consider when choosing your water feature: the shape, shade, size and more. To get you started here are a few handy hints from Primrose about choosing and placing your water feature.

1. Make use of the sun
If you’re planning to place your water feature outside, don’t hide it away in the corner, you’ll want to enjoy the image of the sun glancing off the cascading water. That being said, sometimes a large water feature, particularly our stainless and corten steel standing walls, can be used to cover up unsightly areas of your garden.

2. Solar or mains-powered?
Following on from this, one of the key decisions you’ll have to make when choosing a water feature is whether you’ll want to go for a solar or mains-powered water feature. Here at Primrose, we have a wide range of both, but a couple of things to consider are:

Larger water features will need a much larger solar panel to function effectively and the largest aren’t really suitable for solar power. Consider a smaller option when looking for a solar water feature. However, also remember that just because the water only goes so far, it doesn’t mean the feature itself has to be small. Our popular range of solar bird baths are a great example of this.

It goes without saying that solar water features need lots of sun to function effectively. Place them where they can catch the maximum amount of sun throughout the day. Indoor water features generally don’t benefit from being solar -powered – unless perhaps you can find space on a window sill. Of course the great advantage of solar is that you don’t need to cover up unsightly cables when placing them in your garden!


3. Ponds and watercourses
At Primrose we also stock a variety of prefabricated ponds and watercourses, as well as good old-fashioned pond liners if you feel like styling your own creation. In addition, we have a charming variety of spitters and blade cascades so you’ll never want for the sound of running water.

4. Water feature planters
For the green-thumbed out there, why not try combining your water feature with a planter. These are perfect for outdoors, patios or indoors.



Ponds: Dipping your toe in

Chief Horticultural Advisor for the Royal Horticultural Society, Guy Barter, gives some top tips for a thriving pond.

1. Water is second only to trees in wildlife benefit

2. Ponds require suitable water depth, more or less constant water levels, and crucially little or no shade

3. Making a pond from scratch and lining it with butyl rubber is generally the best in the long run

4. Where ponds pose a risk to infants, consider water features that are merely damp and hold but a dribble, bearing in mind that tragic cases have occurred when only inches of water were involved

5. Wildlife needs easy access to water features and a ramp or muddy ‘beach’ should be planned in

6. Pond watching and dipping pleases both adults and younger people – plan for good all-weather access and points of view

7. Water container features can be surprisingly effective and valuable. The miniature white water lily Nymphaea tetragona AGM, will grow in as little as 15cm water

8. Water plants utilise water depths of between 25-60cm, deeper water provides a favourable surface to volume ratio that minimises temperature and other fluctuations

9. White water lilies are especially attractive; Nymphaea 'Gonnère' is one of the best

10. Spiky white flowered water soldier and frogbit with round leaves and yellow centred white summer flowers are effective hardy floating plants

11. Japanese water iris and its many cultivars are excellent shallow water plants, e.g Iris ensata 'Rose Queen' AGM with pink flowers

12. Beware of reeds, bulrushes, water mint and native yellow iris – they are far too vigorous for all but lakes


Look Book: Water Features

If you’re in search of a garden feature that will add a touch of calm and serenity to your newly-landscaped space, then look no further than these contemporary water features.

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