24 Jun 2016

Must-have furniture solutions for your outdoor retreat


Extend your living space out into the garden with these must-have furniture solutions, perfect for a casual Sunday breakfast or a lively family BBQ.


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Once you’ve completed your self-build, you may find al fresco dining to be more of a regular occurrence. However, in order to entertain and cater for the abundance of guests, family and friends, be sure to allocate a healthy budget to your outdoor furniture.

It’s likely you’ve designed in some sort of patio area or terrace in your new garden, so look into the space you realistically have available. Before you start shopping around, perhaps ask yourself these questions. Will a circular dining table meet my needs better than a rectangle-shaped set? Can I afford to lose space on bulky arm chairs? What is the maximum number of guests I am likely to entertain at any one time? Which seating configuration will suit my family best? Will my furniture be permanently located outdoors?

Once you’ve given some thought to these you’ll have a fairly good idea of what to look out for. There are a whole host of products on the market so you’ll be sure to find some high-quality pieces to suit your needs, and importantly, budget. In the meantime, i-build has put together some outdoor living dining sets that are bound to fill you with inspiration.

Look Book: Seating and benches

Benches really help to bring your exterior landscape closer to home, and if positioned at the bottom of the garden, it acts as the perfect piece of furniture to let you sit back and admire your new home.

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Whether you’re in search of a contemporary design statement or a more elegant, traditional piece, there are a whole host of products on the market to meet your vision. The unpredictable British weather however does make choosing your seating a bit trickier. Depending on your budget, you could indulge in an item with a higher price point but be sure to check it has been treated with a protective paint or coating. Alternatively, you could opt for a budget piece and embrace its transformation through the elements.

Green with envy

Fill your garden with these wonderful accessories, perfect for bringing your garden to life all year round.

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Accessorising your garden can be a great way to add your personal stamp to a self-build’s external space. From decorative watering cans and bird feeders to deck chairs and plant pots, each accessory you add to your garden will show your individual style, creating an exotic haven for you and your guests to gather in during summer evenings.

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