24 May 2016

Create the ultimate statement wall


When it comes to adding those cosmetic finishing touches, it is well worth allocating a healthy budget from the outset to achieve that high-quality overall scheme you truly deserve. Forget traditional paint and wallpaper, why not get close to nature by investing in a statement wallcovering?


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Wall surfaces and tiles have come a long way in recent years. Thanks to the environmentally-conscious homeowner, clients and specifiers are looking far wider than the traditional ceramic tile by considering more natural materials. Stone, wood, slate and glass tiling products have surged in popularity. In the self-build market especially, these options can often be seen as an extension to the building’s structure itself. Wood effect tiles for instance can blend seamlessly with a timber frame house, while glass tiles would perfectly complement a highly-glazed build.

Best application

You may find that covering your whole lounge or bedroom with a statement tile may be a bit overkill. Instead you may want to consider creating a feature wall that is likely to bring out the character of your property. Louisa Charlotte, expert Designer at Walls and Floors Ltd, offers some essential guidance: “When deciding on a focal point in a room it is fundamental that you look at the functional layout of your chosen space, think about how the room will be used, then consider the furniture arrangement. The best way to achieve this with ease is by adding or enhancing an existing feature; is there a chimney breast or fireplace that you can adorn? If there is a possibility to build a focal point around an element that can potentially control the temperature, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

"Alternatively, you may find if you have a large, empty space, creating a feature wall can work just as well to create definition and character within your interior.

“I find in an organic scheme natural materials work best, however they are often not practical due to positioning or conditions within a room; for example, not everybody will have a natural brick wall – especially in new build housing. Brick-Slip effect tiles allow you to create an extremely natural looking brick wall giving you the opportunity to add those darker more refined areas often needed to balance a whole room – it is important to keep in mind both natural and ambient lighting when selecting a surface texture. Split Face tiles, made from natural slate pieces, would also create a stunning display, building intense character to your theme.”

Louisa continues: “Sometimes you may find yourself struggling with layout options (especially in larger spaces) due to existing fixtures in your home; try continuing the floor surface over one wall. Wood effect tiles are perfect for this. Now looking more natural than ever, they provide a cosy chalet feel as they adorn the wall space. For extra charisma, I would recommend using a Herringbone style layout, one of the hottest interior trends to date!”

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