Victoria Brocklesby, COO at Origin, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors, explains how renovators can make practical spaces in their properties without eliminating natural light.
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Converting a church into a private dwelling certainly comes with some challenges, as well as some benefits. Glass can help you address some of those challenges, as well as adding beauty to the finished project,…
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Windows are, undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of a home – letting natural light in, whilst their glazing helps keep the cold out and ensures your home stays warm in winter.
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Have you ever been inspired to transform your home because of an eye-catching architectural design on social media or in a glossy magazine? People love to share pictures of their stunning home renovations, new-build designs…
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First Mats, a leading online retailer best known for their matting products, is proud to announce the launch of their new and improved range of Board Trolleys. The expanded range is designed to cater to…
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Offering elegant aesthetics and ease of installation, the new Circular Glass rooflight from Brett Martin Daylight Systems will maximise daylight and exceeds the thermal performance requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document L 2021.
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Technological advances in glass have led to the extraordinary evolution of residential design, harnessing greater apertures for thermally-broken glazing that invites the outside and inside. Moreover, homes needing modernisation or refurbishment in coastal environments will…
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The soaring popularity of glass balustrades has seen F.H. Brundle supply a growing range of outstanding balustrade products, suitable for a huge array of different projects and properties, as well as budgets.
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Don’t restrict your use of glass to windows. Innovative design will allow you to replace other building materials with structural glass with some truly exciting results.
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When it comes to extending your home, you’ll face an array of choices. Brickwork? Glass? A bit of both? What should you avoid doing? The questions can become overwhelming. So, Apropos has put together a…
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