04 Jan 2016

Is your self-build site protected?

Andrew Reardon, Senior Selfbuild Account Handler at self-build insurance policy expert ProAktive Selfbuild, highlights the risks of site thefts and offers some handy advice on how to reduce them.


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During the winter months we see an increase in theft claims. Hand tools, power tools, generators, pumps, etc. are easily removed and quickly sold on and are therefore major targets, as are metals such as lead, copper and zinc. The onset of dark nights leaves an unoccupied property more vulnerable to theft for longer periods of time and inevitably individual building sites have a tendency to attract thieves as they lack the security of a larger development.

Although theft is a peril covered within the self build policy there is still an excess to pay, and the inconvenience of having to replace the tiles you have specially ordered from Italy is inevitably going to delay your build, which can result in further cost implications. While this may be an extreme circumstance it is important that onsite security isn’t taken lightly and there are steps you can take to lessen that risk.

1. Erect security fencing

Clearly this isn’t always possible depending on where your plot is situated, however the advantages are two fold. Whilst it won’t stop a determined thief it will certainly deter them, and in addition will cut down the potential of a member of the public walking on to your land and having an accident.

In addition, should you accept a policy with ProAktive you can hire fencing through Jewson at a discounted rate.

2. Frequent visits

Most break-ins occur in the evening, within an hour of the last person leaving the site. Try to make irregular visits to the site and inform the local police of its locality.

3. Protecting assets

Keep items out of site in a well secured location. Often our customers will build an outbuilding first and use it for storage purposes. It helps to keep attractive items away from sight and this is an ideal way of protecting your build, although additional dead bolts should be added as the security on domestic garages is generally poor. If possible add an alarm to the outbuilding or if you don’t want to go to that expense park a vehicle in front of the door each night when leaving the site.

If you are not having an outbuilding as part of your build it maybe worth thinking of hiring a security container should your site have the space to do so.

4. Home security

When the doors and windows are about to go in it is worth taking the time to get the right security fitted. It’s a sobering fact that two thirds of burglars gain access through a door, so you must ensure that your entrances are fitted with dependable products.

If practical fit an alarm. 'Bells only' alarms are often ignored so it may be worth investing in a fee-based system connected to a security company.

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