Here, we offer advice and inspiration to those of you who might like to consider a water feature or fountain as part of your exterior landscaping.
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Here, Hunton-based tree surgeon, Hunton Arborists, explains what a Tree Preservation Order is and what can be done if a TPO-protected tree is found on your self-build site.
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Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries, especially in the construction and manufacturing industries. Common cases include falls from ladders and through fragile roofs.
When purchasing a piece of land for a self-build project, it’s important to do your homework to ensure there are no hidden risks associated with the plot. Rebecca Hickey, Head of Product at Landmark Information…
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Andrew Reardon, Senior Selfbuild Account Handler at self-build insurance policy expert ProAktive Selfbuild, explains the risks of opting for non-traditional construction methods when it comes to insuring your property in the future.
With 55 years of experience and over 34,000 homes built, WeberHaus provide timber-framed, sustainable and energy efficient homes; combining German precision engineering and innovative technology with quality materials and traditional craftsmanship.
Published in Structural elements
Andrew Reardon, Senior Selfbuild Account Handler at self-build insurance policy expert ProAktive Selfbuild, highlights the risks of site thefts and offers some handy advice on how to reduce them.
With so many building materials and techniques available to build your new home how do you decide which is best for your own build? To help make this decision-making process easier, Adrian Hateley of the…
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Spring is traditionally the time when self-build projects come to life, so do your homework now to ensure that your build starts off on the right footing. In the first of his regular columns for…
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