11 Mar 2016

Enjoy extra living space with a stunning orangery from oak-frame specialist Arboreta

Whether you’re looking to add an extra living or sitting room to your home, create an open-plan dining area or even a playroom, a bespoke oak-framed Arboreta orangery will provide you with a versatile space that you can enjoy throughout the year whatever the weather.

Historically, an orangery was a combination of a greenhouse and a conservatory and was used to house fruit trees during the colder months of the year. However, today’s orangeries have evolved to provide a luxuriously light and airy living space that also offers stunning views of, and easy access to, the garden.

Designed and made individually to suit your personal requirements, Arboreta’s bespoke, oak-framed orangeries allow you to enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor living and are created using a combination of hand crafted workmanship and state of the art technology. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home, Arboreta’s expert team will create a design that ensures your new orangery beautifully complements and enhances your existing property.

Joanne Hodges, Arboreta’s Marketing Manager, says: “A bespoke, oak-framed Arboreta orangery will add an air of elegance to your home and provide you with a light-filled living and entertaining space that you can enjoy all year round.

“With over 20 years’ experience creating bespoke, oak-framed garden structures and extensions, our team can provide plenty of useful advice and help you create a living space that allows you to take full advantage of the natural daylight, which is a must-have on many of our clients’ wishlists.”

A bespoke, oak-frame Arboreta orangery costs from approximately £35,000. For a free, no-obligation consultation from Arboreta’s expert design team, who are available throughout the UK, please contact us today.

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