28 Apr 2015

New Q-Railing programme update

The new Q-railing Programme Update is now available – a compact addition to Q-railing’s main 2014-2015 catalogue. It includes two brand new Easy Glass® balustrades, a linear LED lighting system for handrails, cap rails and base shoe cladding, plus more than 110 other new products.

Easy Glass® Hybrid

Q-railing’s new solution for installers and designers who are looking for an attractively-priced glass balustrade with an almost invisible base shoe. As the name suggests, the Easy Glass® Hybrid system does have a hybrid character. It can be mounted as a glass balustrade or as a baluster railing with glass infill.

The system’s strength derives from the combination of a thin, just 43 mm high aluminium base shoe and a strong cap rail. These features make it an extremely safe system with maximum transparency.

Easy Glass® Max

Q-railing describes Easy Glass® Max as the strongest base shoe ever. This new glass railing system can take line loads of over 5 kN/m. It is very much the strongman in the Q-railing range.

The system offers four different base shoes, all lightweight but still extremely strong. Just like Q-railing’s Easy Glass® Pro, the Easy Glass Max range includes F and Y-shaped base shoes. Both can be mounted right on the edge of the concrete, for optimal use of space.

Q-lights Linear Light

LED strips integrated into a handrail, cap rail or base shoe. It sounds simple, but a continuous, linear flow of light has a powerful effect – not just in terms of ambiance, but also safety. The Q-lights Linear Light range consists of LED strips and specially-designed aluminium cap rails and Easy Glass® Pro base shoe cladding.

The light can be dimmed and is available in warm or cold white as well as coloured formats. All cables are hidden from view, and after clicking an LED strip into place, the strip itself is hidden as well.

Download a free copy of Q-railing’s Programme Update from www.q-railing.com. Here you can also find more information on the latest Q-railing systems and products.

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