05 Mar 2015

From Gothic to Glorious: Osmo treatment used to restore gothic revival porch

Osmo UK’s eco-friendly UV-Protection-Oil has been used to safeguard, restore and rejuvenate a Gothic Revival porch at an 18thCentury listed property in Cambridgeshire.

The porch had been deteriorating for some time but after an incident with a lorry, the owners decided it was time to restore it. Andrew and Mark Hoskins, antique restoration specialists, brought it back to life and reinstated it to its former glory, using Osmo’s UV-Protection-Oil to not only protect the wood, but also to enhance its natural beauty.

“The woodwork repairs were a real jigsaw of reusing everything possible. We needed to replace about half of the timber and used much of the original wood for patching up joints and decorative details. Once work was complete, we needed a product that would protect the wood as well as maintain its beauty,” commented Mark Hoskins.

To preserve the character and integrity of the whole house, it was important that as much of the original porch as possible was kept. This also meant that the wood, old and new, needed substantial protection to prolong its longevity. Andrew and Mark Hoskins have, in the past, mainly worked with linseed oil. However, after finding out more about Osmo, they decided to try out Osmo UV-Protection-Oil. The existing varnish was scraped and sanded by hand before a clear wood preservative was applied as a foundation. Once dry, two coats of UV-Protection-Oil were applied with a brush and cloth. A combination of clear, cedar, oak, walnut, rosewood and patina grey tints was used.

It is common knowledge that weather can have a damaging effect on wood. Whether it is the wood cracking and peeling, or fading to grey as a result of the harmful effect of the sun, or being susceptible to algae and fungal decay from exposure to water and winter weather conditions, the wood requires an effective protection layer. Osmo developed UV-Protection-Oil to address this issue. By integrating clear UV protection into an oil-based pigment-free finish, which it ensures the natural appearance of the wood is maintained. Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is a satin-matt, clear finish designed for interior and exterior application. Based on natural oil, the finish does not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is moisture regulating and reduces swelling and shrinking of the wood.

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