04 Sep 2015

Cemwood adds seamless colour to summer house

Cembrit Cemwood cladding has been selected to add a touch of colour and a contemporary finish to a garden summer house situated in Crown Woods Way, South East London.

Over 40m² of Cemwood has been installed on the new building, designed and built by homeowners, Effie and Peter Antoniou.

Effie and Peter embarked on a project to build a summer house at the end of their garden in Crown Woods Way, which took approximately six months to complete. Peter designed the house himself, whilst the architectural drawings for the summer house were put together by a neighbour who, conveniently, happens to be a retired draughtsman.

The structure of the summer house which is built upon a steel re-enforced concrete floating base. It comprises of a double layer of brick and then built up with thermalite blocks with a timber frame roof. The homeowners decided to install Cembrit Cemwood cladding as they believed that it would achieve a contemporary look for their tranquil summer house. They opted for a light green colour, which complements the dark grey of the building’s bi-fold doors and windows and blends in perfectly with the garden setting. Moreover the Cembrit fibre cement roof tiles used, provide durability whilst being light and easy to install. The roof tiles compliment the Summer House overall contemporary look.

“We chose to use Cemwood cladding on our project because of the modern appeal of the finish and it has certainly produced an effect very pleasing to the eye,” says Effie Antoniou. “We were impressed with the design quality and the durability of the product. Cembrit also provided extremely useful technical advice during the build, which was a great added benefit. We are pleased with both the product and service – so much so, that we’ve recommended the product to several people since the build.”

Combining the attractiveness of wood with the durability of fibre-cement, Cemwood is ideal as a replacement for timber, or to maximise new build design options. The fibre-cement, wood-effect weatherboard is fire, rot and insect resistant, as well as being unaffected by heat or sunlight. This allows Cemwood to be extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Cembrit Cemwood is an autoclaved fibre-cement board with a texture on the front face, perfectly suited for all types of weatherboard applications. The boards can be supplied in grey for on-site painting or staining, or pre-coated in a large selection of coloured finishes with guaranteed colour stability for up to 10 years.

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