17 Mar 2014

Control with simple push buttons

Clever combination: ShowerSelect concealed thermostats sets with the iBox universal.

As part of the innovative Select programme from Hansgrohe, the new ShowerSelect concealed thermostat sets make selecting and turning the different functions on and off both intuitive and pleasing: with the simple push of a button. Each person taking a shower is assured the exact same, comfortable experience every time. There are no complex electronics, just a reliable mechanical control that is also easy to install in conjunction with the tried and tested iBox from Hansgrohe.

Available from November 2013, the new Select ready-to-use sets are available in five different functional versions, ranging from a thermostat with a simple On/Off function for one outlet through to a combination featuring a ShowerSelect shut-off valve for up to three different functions. All versions can be effortlessly mounted onto the iBox universal, and replacing them is just as simple. The generously dimensioned surfaces with flush integrated Select buttons are easy to clean. To make the symbols clear to read, the Select buttons and the ring with the distinctive temperature read-out have an elegant matt finish. The sleek, cylindrical pin lever allows the temperature to be adjusted precisely even with soapy hands.

The square basic shape measuring 157 millimetres suits tiling layouts of any size. Thanks to their timeless architectural geometry and attractive polished chrome finish, these thermostats are the ideal solution for modern bathrooms. They provide a universal operating control for many handheld and overhead showers, as well as bath fillers.

Use in minimum-barrier bathrooms

Older people, children and less-able bodied users will welcome the ergonomic and intuitive operation and the easy-to-read symbols. Moreover, there is an option to install the Select buttons in such a way that they protrude slightly when they are in the shut-off position, making it easier to locate them by touch. These features make the ShowerSelect concealed thermostats suitable for installation in minimum-barrier bathrooms or even in public shower facilities.

More space for greater shower pleasure

The result of the clever Select solutions for the iBox is a high-value, visually appealing, harmonious, concealed operating concept that hides the technology inside the wall, leaving more freedom to move around in the shower. The ShowerSelect ready-to-use sets further extend the many options and alternatives already offered by the iBox universal in the concealed control segment by providing additional attractive solutions. Especially for renovation projects in an existing bathroom, where the iBox has previously been installed, the new ready-to-use sets are an obvious replacement and a luxurious upgrade with their satisfying push button technology.

A new and clever companion for the iBox universal

It has been like a “Swiss army knife” for 13 years now. The iBox universal from the bathroom specialist Hansgrohe is a basic concealed set designed to work with all common installation systems, connections and fittings. It is most popularly installed inside the wall and can accommodate over 200 versions of ready-to-use sets with 16 functional solutions.

How can such a tried-and-proven, well-known and popular system have even more functionality added to it? The simple answer: with ready-to-use sets featuring the smart Hansgrohe Select technology. With the new ShowerSelect concealed thermostats, the Hansgrohe developers have revolutionised the concealed control market, introducing the Select button as a clever iBox solution for the bathroom.

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