29 Oct 2013

Kaldewei Sound Wave: Innovative audio system turns the bath into sound box

The new Sound Wave acoustic bath from Kaldewei underlines once more the company’s role as a pioneer in bathroom culture. The first bath audio system introduced by the premium manufacturer enhances the experience of relaxation by adding a new dimension. Sound Wave can be combined with all Kaldewei bath models. The individual components including Bluetooth receiver are concealed under the bath. The receiver plays back audio files wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device. With the bath acting as the sound box, the user can literally immerse in favourite tunes...

Music and sound define our life and affect our mood. Soft sounds can be relaxing, a favourite song makes us happy. Combining the bath with a sound system therefore is a worthy advancement in bathroom design – today, a refreshing bath requires more than water and bubbles. Sound Wave, the first bath audio system from Kaldewei, has a receiver that can play back audio files from a smartphone, computer, tablet PC or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. The bath acts as a sound box to create exceptional sounds whether with or without water. Indulging in a relaxing bath listening to music via Sound Wave, the sounds are more than audible – they can be gently felt through the bath water. A whole new experience of wellness for the senses...

Extraordinary sound experience in the bathroom

“Sound Wave is Kaldewei’s vision of music in the bathroom,” states Nicole Roesler, Head of Marketing at Kaldewei. “Relaxation and wellness are aspects of our lifestyle that shift the focus increasingly onto well-being. Nowhere more so than in the bathroom, a place that more than ever reflects our desire for individuality. Obviously we therefore also want an outstanding sound experience here that indulges our senses and enhances our wellness experience.”

Comprising a transducer, two acoustic panels and a receiver, Sound Wave is quick and easy to combine with any Kaldewei bath model. With the bath acting as the sound box, it delivers natural sounds of the highest quality. Kaldewei’s sound system is simply operated via the audio device after activation of the Bluetooth function, selecting “Sound Wave” and connecting it using the code supplied. Sound Wave then automatically recognises the playback device from the next use. It is a practical solution especially for large families with different tastes in music – no need to ride the same wave, as up to eight devices can be stored in pairing mode. Simply select your favourite tunes at the tip of a finger – and immerse in a sound experience made to forget the day...

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