08 Jul 2015

With the Durisol UK wall construction solution, these worries are a thing of the past. The simplicity of the construction method takes all the stress out of building walls that are strong, quick to erect and will last every bit as long as a traditional construction.

The Durisol system is manufactured from reclaimed softwood chippings that are mixed with a specially formulated cementitious compound, and then pressed into a mould.

As part of the moulding process, clear channels are left that run from top to bottom, with some of this space taking insulation pads to give high levels of thermal performance. The rest of the space will, eventually be filled with concrete.

Units are simply placed one on top of another in a staggered formation. All that is needed at this stage is a spirit level to ensure vertical and horizontal lines are satisfied.

When the wall is constructed, concrete is poured through the channels to provide a rigid structure that is water‐tight and durable.

Speed of construction is one of the most impressive parts of this system. The blocks measure 500mm long by 250mm high and 365mm wide with the pre‐installed PIR or Graphite polystyrene insulation.

Other block sizes are available for internal walls and party walls.

To show the ease of construction, Durisol UK offers training sessions at its base in South Wales, and at various locations throughout the UK.

[email protected]     www.durisoluk.com      01495 249400

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