Homeowners put off by the high cost of installing renewable energy systems have new options, thanks to a deal from Begetube UK. The north of Scotland business has teamed up with suppliers to offer renewable…
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Despite the Government’s carbon reduction agenda and the availability of the RHI payments, heat pumps remain a relatively nascent technology in the UK market, meaning customers should seek to purchase properly integrated systems from manufacturers…
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A key consideration in achieving genuine energy efficiency and fuel savings from high performance renewable technologies is having the correct controls: which is why Timóleon's holistic OMNIE range encompasses a comprehensive selection of control units.
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Panasonic’s brand new 50L buffer tank is now available and is ideal as a volume extension vessel or low-loss header tank, maximising the effectiveness of Aquarea heat pump applications in properties large or small.
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Begetube is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable heating system design. Here, Paul Haigh, Director of Begetube, identifies how solar thermal panels can save you money.
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Panasonic has extended its Aquarea range of air-to-water heat pumps and now offers one of the widest ranges available on the market today. The 3.2kW model also has a super-efficient COP of 5!
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Elta Fans’ Mori dMEV decentralised mechanical extract ventilation unit has been awarded HIGH COMMENDATION in the H&V News ‘Domestic H&V Product of the Year – Sustainability and Safety’ award.
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Mitsubishi Electric has teamed up with Green Deal advice service ‘Easy EPC’ to offer homeowners a full cashback on the cost of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a Green Deal Assessment (GDA).
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As self-builders will know, there are rules and regulations to follow and consents to obtain when embarking on a project. What you might not know is that for plumbing systems, both installer and homeowner have…
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When creating an energy efficient home, consider infrared heating panels for an affordable electric heating solution. Infrared uses little energy, is highly efficient and very natural to our bodies. Just like the suns warmth, infrared…
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