At Warm The Sole, we have a myriad of solutions to ensure you are in complete comfort in your own home. We also have an iqueue of boffins who can listen to your requests and…
Published in Heating & Plumbing
The new heated decoupling system from Warmup is a very fast solution for the installation of an electric underfloor heating system. The new innovative system makes installing underfloor heating handy, quick and easy.
Published in Heating & Plumbing
Underfloor heating in properties, especially in new builds and new developments is an increasing trend. The luxurious feeling of your toes warming up from the floor sounds appealing but maybe perceived too costly to consider…
Published in Heating & Plumbing
Even if you only have a single room that you need to heat, you shouldn’t rule out underfloor heating, especially now that you can buy everything you need in a single comprehensive pack, as Michelle…
Published in Heating & Plumbing
A rural mansion in Surrey has had Polypipe Underfloor Heating installed throughout as part of it’s large scale, high specification build.
Published in Heating & Plumbing
Cutting installation time by up to 70%, boasting an extremely low assembly height and providing one unique underfloor heating system, the Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E has arrived!...
Published in Floors & Surfaces
The owner of an aspirational self-build home, featured on the television series, “Building the Dream”, has made use of two different systems from underfloor heating specialist Timoleon to create a comfortable and controllable environment within…
Published in Heating & Plumbing
Marrying the old with the new is an age old problem for the self builder, but at a project in Leicestershire contractor Pearson Properties has been able to seamlessly combine history and cutting edge environmental…
Published in Heating & Plumbing

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