01 Dec 2015

High cost no longer a barrier to installing renewables: new options for the cost-conscious homeowner

Homeowners put off by the high cost of installing renewable energy systems have new options, thanks to a deal from Begetube UK. The north of Scotland business has teamed up with suppliers to offer renewable energy solutions which won't break the bank. With new renewables options available at up to 40% cheaper than their predecessors, consumers are urged to act now before the next Renewable Heat Incentive tariff reduction.

Begetube supplies both solar thermal panels and biomass boilers which cost a fraction of their competitors' offerings. Both systems are RHI-eligible, meaning that homeowners who opt to install these items will be eligible for the government's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which offers an annual income for up to seven years.

According to Begetube UK co-founder Paul Haigh, this new solar thermal panel is one of the most efficient solar collectors in the market today. He noted, "The larger solar systems by Begetube are capable of providing around 85% of the heating and hot water requirements of your building. The standard systems we offer have a highly-efficient and cost-effective way of seeing to all your hot water requirements."

"During the winter months when the need for energy is greater and the ability to harness the sun's power is lowest, our solar systems still work tirelessly to pre-heat any water required, thus reducing the reliance on other fuel sources ­ which unlike the sun has a monetary cost attached to it. Therefore, the expenses for oil and gas, for example, are distinctly reduced and you will be halfway to fossil-fuel independence."

In addition to the new solar thermal options, Begetube Heating Systems have teamed up with Fu-Wi to bring a quality pellet boiler range to the UK that is within everybody¹s budget. Noted Paul, "Fu-Wi have specialised in the manufacture of automatic wood pellet boilers for more than 30 years, supplying a number of product lines across Europe. They are an ISO 9001-certified company, and I would be confident that they are exactly what many consumers have been waiting for in this industry: a quality biomass boiler that won't cost an arm and a leg!"

Begetube has installed demonstrator models of both pieces of equipment. To view them in action, visit their showroom in Carse Industrial Estate in Inverness.

[email protected]     www.begetube.co.uk      01463 246600

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