19 Oct 2013

Sunny outlook with Rinnai solar hot water heating

Rinnai solar water heating solutions are designed to offer a blend of eco-friendly technologies, guaranteed to provide a constant flow of hot water, no matter how many showers and baths are in use at the same time.

Rinnai UK’s pioneering Infinity PLUS renewables range includes solar storage vessels and both flat plate and evacuated tube collectors, each with specific benefits to suit the individual application. Either option will provide years of low-maintenance, low-cost energy for heating water during the summer months – and beyond.

Both flat plate and evacuated tubes collectors work best when facing due south. However, evacuated tube collectors will outperform their flat plate counterparts in situations where only east/west facing options are available.

Evacuated tube collectors have multiple glass tubes that heat up by absorbing the sun’s energy. The vacuum insulated tube retains most of this heat and the constant profile of the round tube means that the collector is always perpendicular to the sun’s rays, therefore capturing sunlight better as they have a greater active surface area being exposed to the sun at anytime.

In the summer months, the flat plate option will perform closer to that of an evacuated tube unit when situated correctly. However, evacuated tube collectors have better overall results in both the early and late seasons and provide excellent performance even in overcast conditions, producing impressive temperatures even on cloudy days. However, flat plate collectors are perhaps more suited to vulnerable locations because of their exceptionally sturdy and durable build, also consideration should be given to roof integration as flat plate collectors are often more easily incorporated into a roof.

Rinnai high efficiency infinity water heaters accept high incoming water temperatures making them the ideal choice for a secondary heat source on a solar preheat system. The intelligent water heater controls enable the unit to immediately establish economic gas usage in relation to water temperature increase requirements. As the Rinnai units are capable of modulating from 58KW – 2.4KW Infinity Renewables systems can have a significant impact on the drive for efficiency.

Rinnai’s award-winning renewable water heating solutions are designed to offer a perfect blend of eco-friendly technologies, guaranteed to provide a constant flow of hot water 365 days of the year.

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