01 Feb 2016

Polyx-Oil 2K Pure ideal for retail flooring like no other

The eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, Osmo UK, offers Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure, a two-part hardwax oil that has been designed for professional use where surfaces are subjected to high traffic.

As well as providing more robust protection, the two component system includes a hardener which rapidly reduces the drying and curing times; a major advantage for commercial use such as retail environments.

Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure is the ideal solution for high-traffic areas, due to its much tougher and hard-wearing results, where regular waxes wouldn’t provide an adequate long-term solution. Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure enhances, protects, and can even refresh the appearance and performance of flooring, while providing an easy to clean and maintain surface.

A solvent and water-free product, Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure is ideal for professional fitters and is suitable for all parquet and solid wood floor. Comprising of natural vegetable oils, waxes and additional water repellent additives, it allows for greater protection of the wood and increased resistance against spillages that would normally cause damage and stains.

Steve Grimwood, Managing Director at Osmo UK explains, “The Polyx®-Oil range now includes products for a variety of requirements. This two-part finish is perfect for commercial environments that require the ultimate protection without compromising on style. In addition to this, with fast-drying components, Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure is ideal for commercial use where downtime is limited.”

With Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure, there is no need to close business during application, maintenance or renovation. The solution, which is available in clear and satin-matt, can be walked upon after only four hours drying, with full resilience after 24 hours. To apply, simply mix the two component ingredients together and spread the solution over the entire flooring. Leave to penetrate the surface for 30-60 minutes. The product can then be massaged into the wood’s surface. Where untreated wood is used, a second coat can be immediately applied.

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