07 Apr 2015

Moleanos Fine Beige is a hugely versatile stone, which adds a timeless elegance to living spaces and brings a crisp clean finish to any design project.

This honed limestone by Mrs Stone Store is a warm, neutral tile that is suitable for use on both walls and floors. Shown in the honed option, which offers a completely flat matt finish, making it a practical and attractive solution for use in bathrooms and wet rooms as well as kitchens and living spaces. The final stage of the traditional polishing process is removed, creating an interesting finish. The end result is a tile surface halfway between a natural and polished product.

The subtle grey/brown fossilisation within the tile gives the stone an interesting character that is favoured by interior designers and architects.

If you are looking to modernise a room and are after a minimalist look, then using a lighter natural stone is an ideal choice for your wall or floor tiles.

This honed finish is often chosen because it can be used in high traffic areas, and is therefore more accommodating to today’s busy lifestyle. It is also an increasingly popular choice for use in minimalist design schemes that are seeking a consistent yet contemporary feel.

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