25 Oct 2013

Yeoman Rainguard helps bring house back to its former glory

Yeoman Rainguard, the market leaders in rainwater systems were brought in to help bring a derelict property back to its former glory.

Yeoman Rainguard 125 x 100 MOG Aluminium XL Gutters and 100 x 75 XL and 75 x 75 XL pipes (which matched the originals) in Black were supplied for the house and also for a lodge and refurbished garage located in the grounds.

Anita Mitchell explained: “There were also some decorative ear bands with a flower motif on the original fall pipes, which at one time had been an attractive external feature and we were keen to replicate, which Yeoman Rainguard did successfully and we were pleased with the end result.”

sallyann@rainguard.co.uk     www.rainguard.co.uk      0113 279 5854

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