10 Oct 2013

WER A+ rating for Reynaers Concept System windows

Successfully achieving the new, top energy efficiency rating, Reynaers Concept System windows scored a Window Energy Rating (WER) A+ from the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

“Putting our systems through the BFRC rating programme clearly identifies the capabilities of our Concept System windows, in keeping with our aim to supply innovative, market leading aluminium system solutions”, said John McComb, Director Technical Services, Reynaers Aluminium.

Introduced by the BFRC the new A+ Window Energy Rating is the top band for window systems which have to achieve a rating index of 10 or above to be awarded the A+ grade.

The BFRC Rating method includes all of the relevant factors that contribute to the energy efficiency of a window system, including ‘loss factors’, such as U-value, as well as gain factors, such as solar heat gain.

“The introduction of the BFRC A+ rating band allows architects, specifiers and fabricators to clearly select the most suitable window system for a development. This is particularly important today when developers of new and refurbished buildings are looking to achieve the best possible energy efficiency,” added John McComb.

A thermally improved three-chamber system, Reynaers CS 77 HI utilises industry leading technology along with multiple chambers in order to achieve its high insulation levels.

It can be used for inward and outward opening windows and has a double butt strip between the frame and vent and a lowered drainage to ensure superior wind and water tightness. The High Insulation option brings the Uf Value down to 1.2 W/m2K.

Initially, the BFRC WER A+ rating was achieved for the Reynaers CS 77 HI casement system, complete with a triple glazed unit. Further calculations will be carried out on other Reynaers systems

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