10 Jul 2014

Brio Single Run offers top performance

Brio, the leading architectural sliding and folding door hardware manufacturer, has made its Bifold 16 folding door gear available in handy retail packs.

Bifold 16 provides a cost effective solution for folding cupboards, wardrobes or even lightweight room dividers for internal applications and can accommodate individual panels up to 16KG in weight. They are the perfect solution for use on openings with non-rebated jambs, as only simple framing at the head is required to take the top track.

The pivot arrangement allows the panels to fold open to about 100°, allowing unhindered access to over 90% of the opening. No bottom guide channel is necessary.

Bifold 16 may be used for any width opening and for any number of panels, in multiples of two panel units, by pivoting the third unit of leaves, for example, within the opening. Where solid panels are used, they should be restricted to 450mm wide. Panels wider than 450mm should be of light construction and provision made for securing the door knob. Panels should be made of equal width, allowing 1mm clearance between panels and 6-7mm clearance at the pivot point and closing stile.

There are four sets available offering opening widths of up to 915mm for two panels; 916mm to 1250mm for two panels; up to 1830mm for two panels pivoted from each side; and 1831mm to 2500mm for two panels pivoted from each side.

Sets for two panels comprise track, top pivot socket, bumper stop, top and bottom pivots, jamb bracket, top guide, three hinges, spanner, all screws and fitting instructions. Sets for four panels comprise twice the amount of the above hardware, (one spanner) fitting instructions, and two aligners.

According to Dave Newton, General Manager of Brio UK: “The Bifold 16 pack sets for architectural Ironmongers, builders’ merchants and distributors come in clear Jetran packaging, with contents clearly labelled to allow the potential buyer to review sizes and application details prior to purchasing. The packs contain all of the components required for the project, including spanner and screws.”

“The range is available ex-stock allowing us to offer superb levels of service to customers. We will also be supporting the supply chain by expanding stockists of the range.”

[email protected]     www.briouk.co.uk      0191 2291 224

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