April 2015

Welcome to the April edition of i-build magazine! This issue is packed with inspirational projects and products as well as useful advice for your self-build.

Self-building presents the perfect opportunity to experiment with the very latest in home technology. This issue demonstrates that innovative electrical application is a key focus for many contemporary projects, where everything from lighting control to home security systems has been heavily influenced by communication technology evolution. Everything can now be controlled via smartphone or tablet app.

Rob Sutherland, Managing Director of electrical specialist Inspired Dwellings, explains: “The ground rules for technology in homes have most definitely changed. Communication habits are shaped by a generation of smartphone and tablet device users who just expect the simplicity of these devices to allow them to cram more convenience and comfort into their daily lives. But it’s all about making all that is available work within the space; it is important to ensure that homeowners have the right levels of information and guidance for each project.” Read more guidance from Rob in this month’s Impressive Innovation on page 28.

Another self-build project that presented a number of electrical challenges was Patrick Bradley’s radical new home, which is formed from four 45ft steel shipping containers. The experienced architect had ambitious aims for his new home’s intelligent electrical control system. Read about how he achieved this on page 36.

For guidance on the latest in home security technology, make sure to read page 10 where you will find a hand-picked selection of innovative products designed to protect your home. Elsewhere this issue provides expert insight into specifying flooring and bricks for your project, as well as the regular interior and landscaping focuses.

If you are coming to the end of your self-build journey and would like to offer your home as an inspiration for other budding home-builders, please contact me on the usual address with a brief overview of your project. Don’t forget to download the i-build app to access this resource, as well as past issues, on the move. Simply search ‘i-build’ in App Store or Google Play.