04 Sep 2017

i-build looks at the latest trends from the bathroom industry

With its brands AXOR and hansgrohe, the Hansgrohe Group brings form and function to water with taps, showerheads and shower systems. Here, i-build reflects on the trendsetting themes that the brand sets for bathroom design.


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When it comes to the latest bathroom styles, today’s consumers are more confident to mix old with new to create a look that is uniquely theirs and more difficult to label as a certain style.

The ‘modern minimal bathroom’ is still popular but this has been warmed up with the addition of texture and colour to add depth and interest to a scheme. This is manifested in the rise in demand for the AXOR FinishPlus with their range of soft metallic colours like red-gold and brass in a choice of polished or brushed finish.

Minimal controls offer maximum comfort and intuitive operation to enhance the modern bathroom, like the ‘Select’ push on/off mixers, showers and controls from hansgrohe and AXOR, including the new hansgrohe RainSelect – an intuitive and convenient control unit for overhead showers with adjustable spray modes. With a sleek silhouette, the shower control unit opens up space for more freedom of movement in the shower and features generous, 70 x 70mm switches which make selecting shower settings a tactile experience.

The modern bathroom also requires greater comfort and safety and new products such as the hansgrohe Unica Comfort shower bars are multifunctional and practical as they can double as grab handles and have been certified for stability by TÜV Süd, a leading German organisation for technical service, certification and training.

There has also been resurgence of the ‘classic bathroom’. More traditional collections like AXOR Montreux, in colours other than chrome, and Metropol Classic in chrome and gold are coming into their own as they create a luxurious, classic feel. A mix and match of finishes and materials are becoming popular so, for example, a tap can have a brass body but with granite or wooden handles. A mix and match of styles too, so pairing modern basin mixers with traditional basins, or traditional tap designs in modern colours.

The ‘luxury bathroom’ is also now a notable style with plenty of colour and decoration. Luxurious materials that add texture, such as crystal, etched glass and wood, are also being incorporated into bathroom brassware. The AXOR Starck V basin mixer is a perfect example of a statement product that makes a real talking point in the bathroom. It celebrates water by delivering it in a whirling vortex, and also uses precious materials like gold or red-gold finishes and spouts in a choice of ceramic, bevel-cut or diamond-cut glass. There is also a profusion of bespoke designs and decorative patterns: definitely not minimalism but a strong move towards the ‘maximist bathroom’. The overall effect is a feeling of opulence.

The experience provided by bathroom products must also match-up to the ‘luxury’ expectation, so the bathroom is as much an oasis to be enjoyed as it is aesthetically pleasing to spend time in. New developments in showering like the revolutionary PowderRain spray from AXOR deliver this with its silky rain shower that envelopes the skin; there are a variety of shower head models available with this new spray manufactured from the highest quality metal such as the new AXOR 350 overhead shower and the stunning ShowerHeaven 1200 delivering the ‘wow’ factor in abundance. These products can also be delivered in a variety of opulent finishes such as red-gold, polished brass or black chrome.

The trend for ‘eco-friendly bathrooms’ and the demand for sustainable homes has risen with consumers conscious that water is not free. Mixers and showers which have EcoSmart technology installed do not look any different to products which do not have it installed so you can be eco and stylish. EcoSmart technology reduces water consumption by up to 60%, saving water heating costs, energy and precious water. This is done with the help of an aerator which is added to the inside of the mixer.

In the case of showerheads and hand showers, there are especially crafted versions with totally different internal technology, in order to ensure that the performance and appearance of the products are not compromised whilst still delivering amazing water savings. The flow of water is limited to 5 litres per minute as standard on basin mixers, although this can be reduced further should the need arise. Indeed, the pioneering AXOR Starck Organic basin mixer was created with both a 3.5 and 5 litre per minute settings as standard. A flow of around 9 litres per minute is easily achieved with EcoSmart showers, without sacrificing the performance or experience. The water is enriched with air, creating a soft and voluminous water jet.

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