05 Apr 2016

A clever way to define the space in your home


Fabulous flooring expert, Harvey Maria, is leading the way with the latest flooring trend – zoning – which offers a clever way to define the space in your home.


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As well as rooms being established by the structure of your house, it’s often the case that areas of your home are split naturally into ‘zones’ – children may seem to enjoy playing at one end of the living room, for example, or perhaps you’ve dedicated your dining area to the sunniest part of the kitchen. Either room-to-room or in a single multi-functional space, flooring can help you to turn these zones into a gorgeous design using a combination of complementary floor coverings, giving your home a luxuriously custom-made feel.

Zoned living

Alice Dunbar, Marketing & Interiors Specialist at Harvey Maria, comments: “To define and add a sense of purpose to open-plan living spaces, flooring can be split into ‘zones’, stylishly defined using a number of complementary patterns and colours. You are likely to find that natural zones will occur in the home – one end of the living room may lend itself to a children’s play area, for example, or perhaps the breakfast table sits in the sunniest part of the kitchen?

“Letting these zones influence your home’s interior is a brilliant way to ensure that everything feels balanced, natural, and totally bespoke. Harvey Maria’s Signature collection has been developed around the concept of ‘unified design’, incorporating designer patterns, plain colours and wood effect tiles that can be combined freely to create a completely unique space.

“In larger open-plan spaces, such as a combined kitchen and dining room or even a studio apartment, flooring zones are a beautiful alternative to partition walls or room dividers. They serve a very similar purpose, whilst retaining a space’s desirable open-plan properties and helping it appear larger as a result.

“As well as defining zones in one open-plan space, you can apply the same technique between connecting rooms, harmonising your decor so that it flows seamlessly through your home. I’d recommend choosing one key colour or wood effect floor, and using this as a carrier for areas of pattern and colour. For example, laying down Harvey Maria’s Antique Oak in the hallway, and continuing this through to an adjoining dining space as a border around a pattern such as Dee Hardwicke’s Lattice Hay Field.

“If the dining room then connects to a kitchen, Antique Oak could continue through, bordering a different pattern this time – perhaps Parquet Red Oxide by Neisha Crosland. And as vinyl is such a hard-wearing and resilient material whilst still being comfortable underfoot, it works beautifully in any room. The Harvey Maria Signature collection is presented in three key palettes of pattern and colour, making it incredibly easy to choose complementary tiles for a floor design that feels effortless.”

Alice continues: “Soft floorcoverings such as rugs and mats can add a lovely visual element to a room, but are often difficult to keep clean and can wear quickly. Creating a ‘rug’ using coordinating vinyl tiles is a stylish-yet-functional alternative, adding a beautiful feature to your floor whilst being incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Harvey Maria flooring has a warranty of up to 20 years too, so they are guaranteed to last! A ‘rug’ of pattern surrounded by a wood effect tile looks gorgeous under a living room coffee table, or you could create an entrance feature using two complementary designs in a hallway.”

Eye-catching flooring

New for 2016, Harvey Maria is proud to introduce the Dee Hardwicke designer collection. Formed from a simplistic petal silhouette, Lattice features a beautiful hand-painted motif that draws inspiration from the tones and patterns of the great outdoors. Available in six colours, including Cornflower Blue, Pebble Grey and Cherry Red, the classic design is perfect for creating an eye-catching flooring feature in any room, whether a small bathroom, hallway or entire kitchen. Launched as part of the ‘Signature Collection’ – a handpicked selection of vinyl floor tiles that has been curated to coordinate effortlessly with one another – Lattice by Dee Hardwicke has been combined with two new designs, Little Bricks and Premium Wood to create a distinctive fusion of plain and patterned.

With a focus on unified design, Little Bricks and Premium Wood have been specifically designed to complement all three of the patterned designer ranges in the Signature Collection: Cath Kidston, Neisha Crosland and Dee Hardwicke, whereby each design can be used together to form decorative ‘rugs’, borders and zones for a bespoke flooring look. The collections also work just as effectively on their own, catering to advocates of a more simplistic and subtle appearance. Making it easy for customers to choose flooring that works together, the Signature Collection is presented in three key colour and pattern palettes that blend together beautifully to create a harmonious yet distinctive look in the home.

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