01 Feb 2016

Innovative writable paint solutions


Paint is constantly progressing. From magnetic paint to writable paint, innovative methods are commonly being used in paint solutions. John Stephans, CEO of IdeaPaint, explains the benefits of using erasable paint in your self-build or renovation project.


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Today, one in five employees work from home. As these workers look to create efficient and creative spaces in their homes, having writable surfaces to plan and collaborate top the list of must-haves. Driven by the trend established by major innovators like Google, Facebook and Uber, having writable surfaces in the office and beyond is a way to take creativity and organisation to the next level. Installing writable surfaces can showcase the innovation of a builder, as well as offer clever add-ons and features that can help to make a home more desirable to buyers.

The home office – the home office can greatly benefit from the addition of writable surfaces. Once installed, walls become a canvas to brainstorm, plan and create. In addition, clear coat writable paints allow for the full benefit of writable surfaces without sacrificing colour schemes.

The kitchen – the to-do list just got an instant upgrade. When homeowners create a space for a writable surface in the kitchen, it becomes the hub for all messages. Grocery lists, weekly schedules, recipe planning…the possibilities to communicate and plan more efficiently are endless in this primary family room.

The playroom – kids love to draw on the walls, so why fight it? Help them embrace their creativity and inner artist by transforming the walls into an area where they can write, doodle and draw to their heart’s content. Or try covering desks, tables and other furniture with a writable surface to allow them the freedom to create.

The children’s bedroom – afterschool homework doesn’t have to be stressful. IdeaPaint has learned through its vast network of teachers that children feel more confident and happy when they are working through homework on a large erasable surface. Why? Because the wall gives children the freedom to make mistakes without feeling insecure. Also, parents and children can work together on the wall in harmony. You can also use dry erase paint on bedroom doors to leave messages and create calendars.

Taking the time to install writable surfaces as part of the initial self-build not only showcases the builder as innovative and forward-thinking, but is also a great way to add value by making the home feel more livable and welcoming. These little touches can make a home stand-out.

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