03 Jul 2015

6 Top tips for choosing the right taps


Richard McLane, Design Director of bespoke staircase expert Bisca, profiles the key specification concerns to choosing a staircase.


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When looking for taps for your home, you need products that cater to your needs both in terms of functionality and beautiful aesthetics. With such a vast array of bathroom and kitchen taps available on the market, it is increasingly difficult to specify the correct tap. Below is a list to help make the specification process easier, both for bathroom and kitchen mixers.

Know your water pressure

Look for a bathroom or kitchen tap that suits the water pressure of your home. If you have low water pressure, select a tap which is best suited to work with your water system, allowing the mixer to deliver a powerful stream of water.

Think about the style of the basin or sink

Choose a basin or sink style that will complement the tap both in terms of looks and functionality, so no water will splash out of the bowl. Look out for apps that allow you to pair together tap and basin or sink possibilities, or opt for a manufacturer that can provide both options as a package.

Choose a hard-wearing finish that will create a statement

Spend time choosing a hard-wearing and stylish finish for your kitchen or bathroom tap. Ensure that you choose a tap that is coated in order to maintain the just bought look, offering easy cleaning and maintenance. This will ensure the tap will remain looking as good as new, as well as cut down future maintenance costs. There are a number of finishes available – from chrome and moon white to supersteel and rose gold – to suit a variety of bathroom and kitchen decors. This gives you the opportunity to match the tap with the overall design of the room for a seamless look.

Opt for a tap that will work for your needs

Think about what the bathroom and kitchen tap will be used for in the house. For example, a cloakroom tap will be used for washing hands meaning a small basin tap may be needed. However, a tap used for filling a bathtub will require something more substantial, and there are many beautiful wall mounted and freestanding mixers available for you to choose from.

In the kitchen, filtered water taps are available which produce still, semi and sparkling water on demand – a great option for the eco-conscious. Filtered water has vast eco-benefits over bottled water, for example the GROHE Blue Chilled and Sparkling system saves up to 61.3% in CO2 emissions. Likewise, a kettle hot water tap encourages responsible management of energy and water. The hot water tap pours hot water on demand straight from the tap, saving energy by eliminating the need to boil water in a kettle or waiting for water to boil in a pan. With a kettle hot water tap, users will only use the amount of water required when making a hot drink, therefore avoiding water wastage.

Choose a tap with or without a pop up waste

Think about whether you need or can use a basin mixer that comes complete with a pop up waste lever. Pop up waste levers that are located out of the basin or sink and are not submerged by water are great as you have easy access to them without having to put your hand in the water. This is perfect if the bowl is full of very hot water.

Choose a tap that will coordinate with the room

If you are looking to create a sleek and coordinated look in your bathroom, find out what shower mixers, accessories and ceramics match your chosen style. Some manufacturers offer a complete bathroom solution – with matching fixtures for bath and showers, as well as basin mixers – offering an easy way to create a stylish bathroom where all elements function perfectly together.

In the kitchen, think about the style of the room and whether it is contemporary or traditional. Then, opt for a tap that suits the theme for a unified and stylish look.

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