04 Jun 2015

Doors & Windows: Turning your house into an Origin Home


From bi-fold doors that open up rooms and merge inside with the out, to elegant windows that let in more light, and made-to-measure blinds that add a touch of inspiration, the Origin Home is a complementary product range to transform your home into a masterpiece.


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Made bespoke for your home in Britain, Origin’s bi-fold doors and windows are available in 150 different colours as well as authentic woodgrain finishes, ensuring there’s a style available to suit any property type. Origin has also created nine eclectic colour palettes, each with 10 colours, ranging from bright primary shades to candy pastels and deeper earthy tones. This colourful take on a home improvement favourite is designed to give you the opportunity to express your creativity and individuality through your choice of door colour.

Due to the bespoke nature of Origin’s bi-folding doors, the interior and exterior door frames can be any combination of different colours. So whilst the outside of the doors can match the external fixtures and fittings of the house, the interior frame can be a different colour to match the room.

Bespoke options

Aluminium doors and windows are rapidly becoming the first choice for homeowners as frames don’t rust, rot or warp. In fact, Origin’s doors and windows come with a 20 year guarantee – twice the industry standard.

The Origin Bi-fold Door is completely bespoke and is available in a wide range of configurations, ranging from two door sets through to eight door sets. Visually striking corner sets are also available, which open up the entire corner of a room for a complete panoramic view. Additionally, Origin’s bi-fold doors come with zero lead time, so you can have yours delivered when you want them.

The Origin Window is a perfect match for the bi-fold door and is elegantly designed with a flush casement finish. The aluminium window frames offer the right combination of strength and weight, allowing for narrow sightlines, whilst providing the best possible thermal and acoustic performance. In an industry first, the Origin Window also comes with an astounding one week lead time.

To complete the look, Origin’s electric roller blinds are the perfect finishing touch to any surrounding. Designed to provide shade from the sun as well as adding the ‘wow-factor’ to an interior, Origin blinds can also help reduce carbon footprints and save energy as the additional insulation they provide helps reduce both heat build-up in summer and heat loss in the winter.

Origin’s design team can help you, your interior designer, builder or architect make the ideal use of your space, however big or small. Origin can turn a dark corner of a room into the light-filled focal point.

Origin has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing, and this expertise and innovation has seen its products become the number one choice for UK homeowners.

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