06 Mar 2018

Getting thrifty with space: convenience with a cavity wall gas fire

As a self-builder, it’s likely that you will be looking for ways to save space, or make building as easy as possible while you undertake your project. An easy and convenient heating solution may be high on your priority list, and nothing says convenience like a gas fire.


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Gas fires offer versatile aesthetics and instant heat – making them attractive to any self-builder. Cavity wall gas fires make installation even simpler, minimising both the footprint of the fire in the room as well as the building work.

What is a cavity wall gas fire?

A cavity wall gas fire features all the benefits of a full-depth gas fire, but with the added ability to be installed in the internal leaf of a cavity wall. Full-depth gas fires tend to require either an existing chimney breast, or a faux chimney to be built in order to house the appliance. Whilst they offer a great level of adaptability, sometimes the space required for their installation is not viable.

The cavity wall fire solves this problem as it can be installed in the internal leaf of the cavity wall due to its more shallow firebox, allowing the fire to neatly integrate with the rest of the room, whilst maintaining the integrity of the floor space.

This means that cavity wall fires can be entirely housed by the cavity wall, only requiring non-combustible fireboard to be fitted about the fire itself. With the fire completely sealed from the room, the air needed for combustion is drawn from the exterior of the property through the outer pipe. Simultaneously, the inner pipe removes the fire’s combustion gases. This kind of chimneyless installation allows almost any home to enjoy the rolling flames of a gas fire whilst not affecting the floor space at all.

Some fires are partial cavity wall fires. Still maintaining a slim firebox, these fires are recessed almost entirely within the internal leaf of the wall leaving only a small protrusion of 75mm in the room. A shallow studwork surround can be built to accommodate this additional depth, but this fire barely leaves a footprint in your living space.

Minimise the building work

Cavity wall gas fires are already very convenient when it comes to their installation – but some offer even less building work and can be installed against a flat wall, and housed entirely using an innovative surround.

Fitting your fire

Having chosen your cavity wall gas fire, you will next need an engineer to fit it. All gas fire installations must be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer. The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas businesses who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances. By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

All registered engineers will carry a Gas Safe ID card with a unique licence number and validity dates. You can check that your engineer is registered by entering their ID number on gassaferegister.co.uk. Gas engineers will often have a range of qualifications that allow them to carry out specific types of gas work. It’s important to check what work they are qualified to do before you use them.

Controlling your fire from your sofa

Available with a variety of fuel effects, lining choices and frame designs, a cavity wall gas fire suits many interior styles and can often even be controlled with a programmable thermostatic remote control. This allows you to programme the fire to turn on at specified times and temperatures and control the fire from the comfort of the sofa.

Whether your concern is saving space, ease of installation or minimal building work, a cavity wall gas fire is an ideal solution, exuding both style and convenience.

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