07 Mar 2016

Solus Decor outlines the benefits of installing a fire pit


In this article, Solus Decor outlines the benefits of installing these simple yet effective fire pits and offers some inspiration from applications across the world.


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With self-build projects, the garden is the last, but not least, item on the agenda. However, when it does get completed, it is usually of the same high quality as the build itself. Given the nature of the UK climate, a heat source in the garden is a worthwhile investment and will enable you to enjoy your garden all year round.

Fire features and the rise of their popularity in North America is a burgeoning trend that started on the west coast of North America and has spread from Miami to Montreal and all points in between. The UK and Europe are not far behind in this move to bring stylish and contemporary heat, light and furniture to their patio decks and gardens. According to the ASLA – American Society of Landscape Architects – fire features are the number one feature in garden design today. The top outdoor design element is a fire pit/fireplace (78%) with lighting (72%) following a close second.

A trend to expand the outdoor space in the UK is nothing new. One of the most exciting trends in the last number of years in the UK has been to open up the kitchen or reception with extendable bi fold doors to allow the outdoors in and extend your lifestyle out.

Although fire features have had limited options in the past couple of years relative to North America, that is all set to change with the introduction of Solus UK fire pits. Solus UK is pleased to be on the leading edge of this outdoor lifestyle and design wave coming to the UK and to Europe.

In both continents there has been a trend to live outside whenever possible, as long as possible. Incredible advances in outdoor fabrics and furniture have allowed for al fresco dining. It is not just something you do on hot and sunny vacations anymore. In Canada and the northern United States fire simply extends your spring and fall in addition to your summer evenings. It is an ideal way to maximise your time outside and provide a focal point for your family and friends.

Modern fire pits have some big advantages – the absence of wood smoke and upset neighbours being probably the principal ones. The convenience of either bio fuel which is the most environmentally friendly fuel, natural gas or propane are all options you can now consider in your garden firepit design; each with its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your situation. Bio fuel and propane are portable if necessary, whereas natural gas needs to be affixed and plumbed in to a set location. Running costs of gas are generally less, although depending on location, lines can add up. With propane, you’ll be faced with finding clever ways to hide the unsightly white bottle. All fuels provide heat, ambience, a place to tell stories or share a glass wine and all of this cannot be anything other than positive.

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