29 Jun 2023

Top Landscaping Trends for 2023


With the arrival of spring, we often spend more time relaxing in our outdoor spaces, and it’s the right time to focus on improving the aesthetics and functionality of our outdoor spaces. If your garden looks a little overgrown, outdated or not functioning as you anticipate, this might be the right moment to consider a different landscaping plan.


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There are several cool landscaping styles for 2023, many of which focus on environmentally-healthy gardens, natural wildlife gardens, more colours and easy maintenance. House Designer has pulled out a list of the most popular 2023 landscaping trends for you to develop a calming sanctuary to relax, unwind and connect to family and friends.

Get inspired by some of these top gardening trends of 2023 to preserve your yard while making upkeep easier.


The theme for 2023 landscaping trends revolves around eco-conscious materials and designs. Many homeowners are becoming more climate-change and environmentally conscious, knowing the importance of conserving water using drought-tolerant plants and conserving techniques, such as mulching, to prevent potential climate crises. It is also a perfect low-maintenance alternative for homeowners with a busy lifestyle.

The current climate-change trajectory only means embracing the beauty of native and drought-tolerant plants that can grow with minimal care or irrigation is a trend that we will see everywhere in 2023.

Low-carbon landscaping

Low-carbon everything has become more prevalent in recent years as homeowners are becoming more aware of the danger of a high-carbon environment. Low-carbon landscaping style is about growing local plant varieties, herbs, veggies and fruits in your garden to reduce your carbon footprint.

Alternatives to traditional lawn

While traditional grass lawns can be beautiful, they require a great deal of maintenance which can be costly and even detrimental to the present climate condition. They require a lot of water, making them difficult to maintain during droughts.

They are still widely present, but many homeowners are quickly moving away from the trend to other alternatives. Artificial turf has been on the rise as an easy-to-maintain and environmentally-conscious alternative. The tendency to choose more interesting design variations also contributes to its popularity in 2023.

Cottage-style gardening

The cottage-style garden is all about whimsy, soft lines and classic blooms characterised by dense planting, colour profusion and a mix of different flowers used in pockets of planting. Since it contains a diversity of plants, delighting all the senses and creating a natural, relaxed atmosphere, many homeowners are becoming glued to the elegant landscape style. It is a fascinating trend to look out for in 2023.

Biodiversity and local wildlife

Development and grazing have taken a toll on wildlife habitats, reducing their number greatly. Incorporating natural wildlife habitats into our gardens is more important than ever before. We expect it to be a prevalent trend in 2023. Designing your landscape for wildlife brings mutual benefits. While you are providing habitat for the beautiful creatures, you enjoy natural pest control, fruit and flower pollination and a much healthier garden. When designing your garden, you should put local wildlife into consideration.

Rick, dark colours

Rich, dark colours are taking centre stage in 2023 landscaping designs, making a big, bold statement. The colour is not only manifested in the flowers (Angelica gigas) but also in the foliage choices (phormium ‘Black Velvet’). The classic colour scheme is used in modern ways to add warmth and vibrancy to gardens.

Bringing water into the garden

A garden should be a joyful and fun space where people, plants and wildlife can mutually benefit. Adding a chemical-free pond or swimming pool to your landscape is a great idea. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of your garden, but makes it healthier. As homeowners are becoming more aware of the importance of a peaceful environment to unwind after a long day at work, bringing water into outdoor spaces is becoming more necessary.

Entangled designs for continuity

As many homeowners are designing their outdoor spaces to be an extension of their homes, entangled landscape design is becoming more popular because it enhances continuity. It allows a more natural way to blend landscapes and hardscapes.

Gravel gardens

We expect an increasing move towards gravel gardens in 2023 because of their ability to thrive in hot, dry conditions. Low maintenance, fast growing and with a profusion of flowers, gravel gardens are one of the fascinating landscaping trends to keep an eye on in 2023.


Gardening styles that promote healthier environments and wildlife habitats are on the leading edge of landscaping in 2023. Many homeowners are becoming more aware of the need to landscape with environmental consciousness. If it is that time to develop a new yard in your home or revamp the existing one for more functionality, these 2023 gardening ideas could help you make the most of your garden.

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