01 Nov 2017

Enjoy your newly-landscaped external areas with these outdoor heating solutions


Fire pits are more than just beautiful features for gardens and landscapes, they are also vehicles for bringing people together. Here, modern fire pit designer and manufacturer, Paloform, explains what these heat-generating features can bring to a garden’s design.

The inclusion of a fire pit in a garden or landscaping plan creates an instant gathering spot and extends the use of outdoor spaces into the cooler months. Paloform’s fire pits offer wide design versatility and a modern dimension to the primordial bonfire with simple vessels in architectural concrete, corten, stainless steel and aluminium – all crafted by hand in Canada and CE-certified.

Gas fire pits offer a more controlled alternative to traditional wood-burning models and can be connected to existing gas lines or fuelled with gas cylinders. If your site cannot accommodate gas, ethanol and wood-burning models are also available. For ease of use, electronic ignitions can be wired directly into smart home systems or controlled by a remote-controlled plug, wall switch or timer. When no electrical connection is available, manual ignitions with flame sensors are a safe and simple alternative.

Additional design options include powder-coated metal tabletops, which allow the fire to be used as a table when it is not burning, and protective glass screens for areas where winds are consistently 16km/hr or higher, or where safety or regulations require.

With new fire pit options arriving on the market daily, Paloform works to stay focused on its belief in careful design and simple, honest materials. It designs and manufactures everything in-house, from the burners to the vessels and controls every aspect of the testing and certification process.



Look Book: Outdoor accessories

Enhance your external areas even further with these stand-out designs; perfect for adding a touch of illumination for those imminent dark winter evenings.


Multicoloured outdoor LED cube table/stool – Moree, £240, Lime Lace


Jewel daybed, £4999, BRIDGMAN


Garden Trading Festoon lights with 10 bulbs, £50, Garden Trading


Manutti Kumo outdoor furniture – corner sofa, £18810, Go Modern Furniture


Icon Urban Palm House outdoor/indoor cushions, £17.99, Bazaar Group


Sky lantern, £9.99, Lights4Fun

Outdoor living just got even better

If you’re looking for the latest in stylish, efficient outdoor heating for your property, you can maximise the enjoyment of life outdoors by choosing infrared heating.

Innovative infrared heating technology produces a comfortable, more subtle heat than other solutions; delivering a pleasant warmth outdoors that avoids the intensive heat and invasive glare that people often find uncomfortable from alternative heaters on the market.

Infrared heaters provide a stylish, affordable, very viable solution for homeowners that are simple to install, maintenance-free and provide long lifetimes. Radiant heating enables people to stay warm from a low-wattage requirement given the transfer properties of radiant heat; heating you directly rather than heating the air in between. They are more comfortable and efficient than equivalent halogen, quartz and gas heaters. Hassle-free, CO2-free, low-energy heating that also supports the environment in our movement toward lower carbon emissions.

The latest range of outdoor heaters from Herschel is poised to transform the outdoor heating market. Adding to its established Aspect XL range of contemporary, zero-light outdoor heaters, Herschel has now introduced its stylish Sunset range which produce a warm glow with no glare and operate silently; the ideal option for those draughtier areas whilst continuing to deliver the many benefits of infrared heat including long-life, optimum comfort and improved efficiency. With a choice of style, colour, budget, control, mounting and light options available, Herschel has a full suite of outdoor heaters on offer to ensure a tailored external heating solution whatever the requirement.

So, whether you are seeking a solution for your newly-built indoor-outdoor entertaining space, or your recently-renovated, more draughty terrace, go ahead and impress your guests with a stylish infrared solution.


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