25 Feb 2019

Totally transformed

Bisca refurbished the staircase in a multi-storey Victorian property, transforming the entrance hall in the process.


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What was once a dark, narrow space with clunky dark timber newels giving a cluttered appearance, has been completely renewed with glass balustrades, a beautiful curved handrail, white-painted sides and underside and sleek-looking treads and risers.

The original timber newel posts at the foot of the stairs were removed as were the timber spindles. A laminated fin-glass balustrade atop a white-painted side panel was fitted on one side and a curved glass panel with a new handrail which was integrated into the existing one to the other side.

Bisca retained and refurbished the original handrail adding and integrating a new part where the newel posts were taken out. The result is an apparently seamless, beautifully curving handrail from ground to top floor.

Oak treads and risers on the lower flight give way to oak treads with painted risers as the stairs climb to the second floor. The glass balustrades are slotted into the treads, which gives a clean, unfussy look to the staircase, showing the side view zig-zag effect of the treads and risers.

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